Working as South Africa’s leading online verification directory, VerifyMy serves as the trusted bridge between customers, businesses, and listed service providers!

Our primary mission is to create and sustain business opportunities, while at the same time, safeguarding potential customers from unethical business practices – substandard services, and low-quality products.

Through our detailed and rigorous due-diligence processes, VerifyMy lists and show-cases companies that comply with our stringent application processes. Once vetted, potential customers can rest assured that they are dealing with registered, sound and trusted entities.     

VerifyMy stimulates growth. For small businesses (local and community based SMMEs), a VerifyMy listing takes away the struggle of gaining assurance and trust from new and potential customers. At the same time, a large potential market base will be reassured of the expected quality products and services offered while shopping and doing business locally.


As a professional verification directory, VerifyMy was established in response to a noted need – to bridge the gap between registered, ethical and compliant small businesses, and their targeted markets.

Underpinned by a need to eradicate dishonest business practices, operational within South Africa’s burgeoning small business ecosystem, a team of seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs came together to form VerifyMy. As a platform, VerifyMy is a verification directory where small businesses can be reviewed and listed, based on honest business ethics and quality service offerings.


  • VerifyMy stimulates economic growth.
  • South Africa’s leading online verification directory.
  • The trusted bridge between customers, businesses, and listed service providers!
  • Eradicate dishonest businesses operational within SA’s burgeoning small business ecosystem.


  • Join us as we put trust back in local shopping!
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